Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sorry, no bun in the oven

There are two typical questions that are thrown in my face on a weekly basis. The consistency is becoming rather annoying that I wish I could give crude replies at times. It comes from all sorts of people - my family, my friends, my colleagues, my church mates, and AND people that I'm not even close with. =.=

Wanna take a wild guess?


Having been married after dating for 9 years...

What better question to ask than:



Of course my standard polite reply is always: Yeah, we're working on it. (Insert fake grin)

But seriously, why do people think it's okay to ask such a question? I mean what sort of a question is that to begin with? Isn't it common knowledge that we can't just decide when we want to have a baby? We can decide when to have sex, how to have sex, but we cannot decide if a baby comes along after that? *rolls eyes*

Another award-winning question would be...

*drum roll*


Anything I do, LIKE ANYTHING can result to that same golden question:

1. Makes a fashion boo-boo by wearing a bodycon dress thus revealing not so tight waistline *slaps self* - Are you pregnant?

2. Throws a baby shower for close friends - Are you pregnant?

3. Have random cravings - Are you pregnant?

4. Can't make it for gatherings - Are you pregnant?

And the list goes on... Seriously? Not even a "How's life?" or "How's work?"... "ARE YOU PREGNANT?" Is my womb the only thing that concerns you?

For the love of God. Why so much eager and excitement?

Maybe I'm taking this too personal. Maybe people just can't wait to congratulate me and welcome a mini Mel or mini TK to this world. I should take this on a more positive note. But in all seriousness, these questions are nothing but unnecessary stress and pressure. Every time I get these questions, I can't help but wonder if Tk and I will ever be parents.

Don't get me wrong, we're not infertile (I hope we're not), we've only been trying for a few months (and I know some couples wait up to a few years to conceive), it's just that the waiting can be quite a challenge. And questions like these just don't help. Instead they're emotionally burdensome. It makes me doubt, it makes me scared and it even makes me depressed (especially on the days when I'm at my lowest).

Somehow I just wish people will leave us alone, and let nature take it's course. I believe God has His timing and His plan. We just need to surrender unto Him and have faith. Perhaps I need to pray for patience too! You know, to get, less annoyed. LOL.

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